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Surrounding areas of Turgovishte

The Turgovishte spring is located 8 km south-west of the town. The temperature of the mineral water is 27oC, and the water debit is about 6 litter per second. It cures diseases of the kidney and gastric-enteric diseases. A real resort has been set up in its vicinity - an open swimming pool, a prophylactic house, a hotel, and private villas. Part of the mineral water is bottled. There is a regular bus line to the town. In the immediate vicinity of the town is the interesting Hunting Park, the Yukya Forest-Park, the Borovo Oko lake, and 7 km away is the Park in the Turgovishte gorge.

Twenty-four kilometres south-west of Turgovishte is the town of Omourtag where there are preserved the Menzilishkata drinking-fountain from 1779, the St. Dimitur Church from 1851 and six Revival houses among which is the one belonging to granny Ivanka Hadzhiiska (built in 1876) where she hid 200 women and children from the Turkish army during the War of Liberation. At present it houses the town museum. There is a regular bus line between Turgovishte and Omourtag.

The Roman Bridge is situated some 60 km south-west of Turgovishte between the villages of Vidanovo and Malko Dolyane, above the Stara River. In spite of its name it does not date back to Roman times, it was built in 16th-17th century. It is 60 m long, 4 m wide and the top-point height is 10 metres. It has the shape of a crescent with one central arc and 5 supplementary ones. It was built directly on the natural rock. This unique installation has been completely preserved; it fascinates with the exquisiteness of its architecture. In ancient times it was an important strategic road. The village of Stevrek is the point of departure (on the Omourtag-Elena way); there is bus transport from the village to Omourtag and Antonovo. The distance from the village to the bridge is 8 km (1.30-2 hours long walk) along the country road fit for vehicles. The road goes through the former village of Malko Dolyane.

The Garbatata drinking-fountain is located 50 metres away from above mentioned Stara River, some 75 km south-west of Turgovishte and some 25 km west of Antonovo. It is a natural limestone rock, about 4 metres high and having the shape of an arc. On top there is an outfall where runs the water falling from the vertical cliff above the limestone ridge. So falling from the outfall the water forms a small cascade called the Garbatata drinking-fountain (meaning a drinking-fountain crooked like a hunchback). The small village of Stara Rechka is the point of departure; a regular bus runs between the latter and Antonovo. One can get to the drinking-fountain from the village following a tourist map route for about an hour walk. 

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