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Surrounding areas of Veliki Preslav

In the Patleina area, one and a half kilometres south-east of the town (there is a bus line) there is a Bulgarian monastery dating back to 10th century (St. Pantheleimon). Except for being a centre of cultural life, Patleina is renowned for its unique medieval ceramics. This is the place where the ceramic icon of St. Teodor Stratilat made of 20 ceramic plates was found. It is one of the most eminent examples of our cultural heritage (it is kept in the museum at the ruins of Veliki Preslav). After withdrawing from the throne Prince (Tsar) Boris I spent the last years of his life in the monastery of Patleina. There is the Patleina Chalet in the region (tel.: 0538 2565) offering 36 beds in two-, three-, four-, five-, six-bed rooms.

The Ticha Dam - 14 km south of the town. A wonderful place for having a rest, taking sunbathes, fishing, practising water sports, water tourism. There are rest houses, private villas, as well as the Ticha Chalet (on the road between Veliki Preslav and Vurbitsa, regular bus line, tel. for reservations: 054 59456, 59528, 59167 - in the Tourist Association in Shoumen), offering 16 beds in two-, three-, and four-bed rooms.

The town of Vurbitsa - 37 km south-west of Veliki Preslav and south of Vurbitsa Pass in the Balkan Mountain Range. Another old Bulgarian town where in 17th century the Turks colonised Tartars from Krim because of the rebellious Bulgarian spirit. It was the Tartar wealthy man called Meadali Gerai who built the famous seraglio in the town (1830-1835, master Kolyo Dimov). There have been preserved in Vurbitsa the St. Dimitur Solounski Church of 1842, two-storey houses of interesting Revival architecture, like that of Hadgi Vulchan (1868), old workshops, the school of 1873, the house of the Grouev brothers, etc. Four or five kilometres south-west of Vurbitsa is the Vurbitsa resort, at the north bottom of the Vurbitsa section of the Balkan Mountain Range. There is a mineral spring (for drinking only), rest homes, private villas, a forestry enterprise and the Varbishki Prohod Chalet (76 beds in two suites and three-, four-, and five-bed rooms; reservations in the Tourist Association in Shoumen). There is regular bus transport to Vurbitsa, and from Vurbitsa to Veliki Preslav, Shoumen, Omourtag, etc.

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