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History of Belogradchik

This is an old settlement, originated as early as 1st century when the Romans built a fortress among the rocks. After that the fortress and the settlement were ruined many times and built again by Byzantines, Bulgarians, Turks. A register from 1454 testifies about the Bulgarian town here. In 1837 during the reign of the Sultan Mahmud II the fortress was finished in its present-day outlook and the non-paid work of the Bulgarian population. In the period of Ottoman Rule Belogradchik was a small agrarian-craftsman town. A peasant uprising began here in 1850, but it was cruelly crushed and the last defenders of the fortress slaughtered. The name of the town comes from belija gradezh (the white building) of the fortress - a natural combination of human and natural work. After the Liberation (1878) Belogradchik gradually becomes a tourist centre above all, which attracts thousands of visitors from the country and abroad. 

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