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Landmarks of Berkovitsa

The Ivan Vazov House-Museum (2, Ivan Vazov Str., tel. 0953 2235) which is in the central part of the town is arranged in the building where the poet lived in the period 1879-1880. The house itself is a precious architectural monument with an interesting exterior and interior architecture with wood-carved ceilings and original fireplace, cupboards, shelves. The atmosphere in which Vazov lived is preserved. There is a documentary exhibition showing the period of his work in Berkovitsa - the creation of the narrative poem Gramada (Cairn), the short novel Mitrofan and Dormidolski, etc. Permanent ethnographic exhibition - organized also in an architectural monument of culture, in a close proximity to the Ivan Vazov House-Museum. The clock tower is remarkable for its solid construction and beautiful upper part in which the clock mechanism still works. It was constructed in 1762 and is one of the oldest towers in our country. The town picture gallery. The Krustevs House built in Revival style. The Holy Virgin Church (1843) has an original belfry, wood-carved iconostasis and the Golden Gospel - an exceptional work of art from 1892 is kept there. The St. Nikola Church (19th century). 

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