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Surrounding areas of Botevgrad

Zelin Resort - 4 km south-east of the town, scattered amidst nice deciduous forests. The monastery Birth of the Son of God the Holy Virgin is situated in its vicinity. The resort is a starting point of the route to the Roudinata Chalet (2-3 hours hike along a marked track) within the Bilo Massif of the Western Stara Planina Mountain. There is regular bus transport from the town to the resort. 23 km north of Botevgrad and 3 km away from the village of Bozhenitsa is situated the Bozhenishki Urvich - this is a nationally significant monument of culture. Remains of an early Byzantine fortress and ruins of a rock church and dwelling, where the famous Bozheniski Inscription of Sevast Ognyan was found are well preserved in this area.

The village of Skravena is 6 km north-west of the town and the most interesting monument there is the church-monument, which until recently kept the bones of the 10 Botevs rebels, killed at Rashov Dol (now the bones are kept in a channel-house in the centre of the village, opposite the town-hall), and the house of the rebel Miko Stoyanov. The village is a starting point to the K & N Mukanski Chalet up at the Lakavitsa Hill (6 km - 1.30 hours walk along a marked truck road). There is regular bus transport.

The village of Vrachesh lies at the northern foots of Mt. Mourgash, 3 km south-west of the town. It has ancient history.  The settlement has existed there since the 13th-14th century, known as Cheshkovitsa.  Todays name of the village dates back to 1430. There are some remains of an ancient and medieval fortress. The house of T. Kamitlyarski - giving shelter to the headquarters of General Gurko - is also preserved.  4 km south-west of the village is situated the St. St. Forty Martyrs Monastery and to the south, on the Bebresh River is situated the Bebresh Dam - the new artificial lake and the area is turned into a recreational zone. There is a regular bus transport from the town to the village.

11 km east of Botevgrad is the small town of Pravets, birthplace of Todor Zhivkov  head of state for quite a long time. Close to the town there is a large artificial lake, turned into a wonderful place for recreation, sports and entertainment. There is the Pravets Hotel as well as the famous attraction restaurant Shatrata (The Marquee). The original marquee-cover was a present by the ex-shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi.

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