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Surrounding areas of Cherven Bryag

6 km south-west of the town is the village of Resselets. Only one kilometre away from the village is the unique natural phenomenon Propadaloto. It an area of approximately 250 metres long and 30-40 metres wide, which has fallen through with some 30 metres. Steep cliffs surround the place and the descent to the bottom is along a romantic narrow path meandering between the cliffs. This is one of the rare places in Bulgaria where one can come across a scorpion. In its vicinity is the cosy Reselets Chalet with 70 beds (in rooms of 2, 3, 4, 5 and more beds). The extension number for the chalet is 430, and it can be reached by calling the switchboard operator of the village of Reselets. There is a possibility to make a reservation at the Tourist Association in Cherven Bryag. There is a regular bus line between the town and the village, and yet another transport possibility is provided by the railway route Sofia - Gorna Oryahovitsa - Varna - Rousse, but only passengers trains stop at the railway station of Reselets village. The picturesque chalet is some 3 km away from the railway stop. There is an asphalt road leading up to the chalet. The region provides plenty of interesting hiking tracks along impressive river canyons. The most pleasant time for visiting the area of the Reselets Chalet is in spring, when the lilac is in full blossom.

The river Iskar also provides wonderful opportunities for water tourism, fishing, sun bathing on the shore, having fun and recreation in the open.

South of Cherven Bryag the river still runs in a canyon, and though not so impressive as the Iskar Gorge it is an attractive sight for the tourists.

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