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Landmarks of Choprovtsi

The remains of the Santa Maria Catholic Cathedral constructed in 1371 and burnt during the uprising in Chiprovtsi in 1688. The Ascension Church built probably in 14th century. Burnt after the uprising in Chiprovtsi and later it was restored. In 1865 master Danail from Shtip painted the iconostasis. The remains of St. Nikolai Church  it was constructed in 17th century and burnt after the uprising. The Museum of History is arranged in a house built in 1896 as a school. Working hours: 8 a.m.  17.00 p.m. all the week round. The museum and the above-mentioned churches are on the Historical Hill. Sharenata cheshma (The colourful drinking-fountain) - the only monument survived after 1688. Its foundations are about 1.5 m in the ground. In the past it was covered with frescos. Punkos House is near the Historical museum. Now restored it bears the charm of the Revival architecture.

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