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Surrounding areas of Chiprovtsi

The Monastery of Chiprovtsi St. Yoan Rilski (6 km to the northeast, near the village of Zhelezna) was raised according to the legend about 10th century along with the first steps of Christianity and the work of the students of Ciril and Methodius in our lands. It is a century-old centre of Bulgarian education and it has been burnt and devastated 6 times during the Turkish rule. It was the last refuge of the revolted Bulgarians in the dramatic 1688.

The monastery complex includes St. Yoan Rilski Church, built in 1829 (this is the oldest entire building). It is remarkable with the tracery wood-carving of its iconostasis. Hristo Enchev, an icon-painter from Koprivshtitsa, painted the icons. There is also a small chapel built after the Liberation. The inscription above the wall paintings shows that the chapel is devoted to the Russian Tsar-Liberator. The tower  charnel house was built after the Liberation (I and II floor) and the belfry - at the beginning of 20th c. The charnel house is situated in the ground floor where are collected the mortal remains of people who died in the national-liberation struggles, including the martyrs in the uprising of Chiprovtsi. The remains of the Gushovski Monastery - built in 17th century and soon after that burnt in the memorable 1688. It was the predecessor of the modern Chiprovski Monastery. One can get lodging in the Chiprovski Monastery at minimal payment. Annually on 6th of September nation-wide celebrations are organized here. There is a regular bus transport from Chiprovtsi. There are 34 beds in one 2-beds room and in two shared rooms in the Kopren Chalet (975 m above sea level, 20 km away). There is no regular transport. Chiprovtsi is a point of departure for hiking tours in Chiprovska Maountain  to Mt. Midzhur (the highest peak in the Western Stara Planina, 2168 m), to Mt. Martinova Chuka (2026 m), to Mt Golema Chuka, Mt. Obov, Mt. Trite Chuki, Mt. Kopren etc., but there is no a tourist marking. But one can hire a guide. St. Yoan Predtecha (The Precursor) Lopoushanski Monastery is about 20 km to the northeast. The peoples poet Ivan Vazov had often come to it. The icons in it are done by the icon-painters from Samokov Stanislav and Nikola Dospevski. There is a regular bus transport from Montana. There are remains of an ancient Rome fortress in the area called Kaleto, situated to the southeast from Chiprovtsi. Chiprovski Waterfall, the rock formation Kuklite and many others.

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