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Surrounding areas of Etropole

St. Trinity Etropolski Monastery (Varovitets) is 5 km east of the town on the road to the village of Ribaritsa and the summer resort of Yamna. It was built back in 1158. During the Turkish rule it was the most significant scholar centre in the lands lying north of the Balkan. At the end of 16th and during 17th century the Etropole Literary School was established in Etropole and the nearby monastery.  Its major representatives are the monk Danail Etropolski, the priest Rafail, Daskal Koyo (Kolyo the Teacher), Gramatik Boicho, Deacon Yoan, Vasilii Sofianin.  The unique Fourfold Gospel was created here far back in the 1585 and is still well-preserved nowadays. Other remarkable manuscripts are the Fourfold Gospel from 15th century, the Apostle (16th century), Oktoih and Tipik  (16th-17th century), the Prologue of Danail (1620). Varovitets monks drafted the manuscript on the life of Yoan Rilski, telling the story of the solemn transfer of the holy bones of the saint from Turnovo to the Rila Monastery in 1469. The treasury of the monastery holds two ancient silver crests with inscriptions, on one of which the year 1492 is marked. Also the silver ark is very interesting. The monastery gave shelter to our national apostle Vassil Levski. One can reach the monastery taking the bus in the direction of Yamna summer resort.

The Thracian settlement (5th-4th century BC) - its ruins were found on the isolated hill of Bogotvor, close to the town. It has about a dozen of sepulchral mounds. Chetrigrad is the place of the remains from a famous Thracian fortress (this name of the area was given later). The ruins are situated east of the town on the hill between the villages of Lopyan, Broussen, Cherni Vit and Yamna. One can reach the sight by taking the bus to Yamna village and after that continuing on foot. Ruins of a medieval fortress are found on the St. Atanas Hill, very close to the town. The summer resort and the village of Yamna (approximately 15 km north-east of the town) are situated among the northern hills of the Zlatishko-Tetevenski Balkan. It serves as on of the departure points to the Svishti Plaz Chalet (approximately 5 hours walk). There is a regular bus transport to the village. Etropole is a departure point of many hiking routes in the Etropolski Balkan and Zlatishko-Tetevenska Mountain (refer to the Stara Planina related chapter herein).

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