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Landmarks of Kozlodoui

5 km northwest of the centre of the town, by the Danube River, is the well-arranged Botev Park. It was created in the place where in May 1876. Hristo Botev and his detachment disembarked onto the native land. There is a stone obelisk, erected in 1936 with the inscription He does not die. The old stone cross put there after the Liberation is preserved. The initial letters H.B. are inscribed with evergreen cypresses on the opposite Krushovski Bair (Hill). This is the beginning of a 120-kilometre Botev alley following the path of Botevs detachment to Mt. Okolchitsa in the Vratsa Balkan. It is marked with 68 stone signs. Every year on 27th May on the shore of Kozlodoui thousands of people walk the trail (5-6 days) and reach Mt. Okolchitsa to take part in the national celebrations on 2th June. Near the port, also in the same region, there is the Radetski Restaurant housing a museum in its west wing. Here is the Kozlodouiski Briag Chalet consisting of 2 buildings offering 40 beds in rooms with 2, 3, 5 and more beds. There is a bus line connecting the town and Botev Park.

To the west of the port is the area of Kiler Bair, which is the beginning of the historic Kozlodoui Val (dyke) dated back to time of Khan Asparouhs state. It was built in the end of 7th century and is 32 km long. The dyke ends southwest of the Hairedin village. The highest preserved part of it is 2.60 m. A marked path along the river bank (in the Botev Park) leads there.

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