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Surrounding areas of Loukovit

The most important archaeological excavations are situated on the Gradishteto Hill.

The karst gorge of Zlatna Panega River is south of Loukovit. The Iskara Resort covers a large area and is about 10 km south-west of the town. The karst earth depths host numerous precipices and caves, some 150 of them already explored. Most famous among them are Prohodna Cave, Temnata Doupka Cave (the dark hole), Kucheshkata Dupka Cave (the dogs hole), etc. Here is also the village of Karloukovo (12 km away from the town, regular bus transport to the village is available), where the The Assmption Karloukovo Monastery is situated (see the historical information herein). Nearby are the rock churches St. Marina and St. Grigorii.

Within this region is the �rloukovo gorge of Iskar river, some 30 km long, beginning from the village of Roman and going down almost to Cherven Bryag. The gorge has very interesting rock formations, the most spectacular of them being The Dolls, situated east of the station of Resselets.

On the way between the railway station and the village of Karloukovo (2.5 km away from each of the locations) is situated The National Speleologists House Peter Tranteev offering 60 beds in rooms of 2 and 3 beds. Nearby is the Provurtenik Chalet (1.5 km away from the station of Karloukovo, 3.5 km from the village of Karloukovo and 3 km away from the Speleologists House). It avails of 20 beds in rooms of 2, 4 and 6 beds. The chalet bears the name of the neighbouring rocky sculpture, resembling a guard turret. (Reservation can be made through the Tourist Association in Loukovit.) This incredible karst paradise can be reached either by bus from the town of Loukovit or by a passengers train in the direction Sofia - Gorna Oryahovitsa - Varna (Rousse) to Karloukovo station. 

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