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Surrounding areas of Mezdra

The Iskar Gorge with all its natural, historic and cultural landmarks (refer to the Iskar Gorge related chapter herein).

Hristo Botev National Park in the area of Mt. Okolchitsa, approximately 20 km south-west of Mezdra in the Vrachanski Balkan. There is no direct transport link from the town to park (refer to the Vratsa related chapter herein).

The Strupeshki Monastery Prophet Iliya is a cultural monument of national significance. It dates back to the 14th century, when there was a small church at the same place, the mural paintings of which are well preserved and it has survived in the monastery yard. In the period of 1851-1857 the presently existing three-storied monastery building was erected. The monastery provided shelter to Vassil Levski, Nikola Obretenov, Mito Ankov and many others. In the old times the monastery was a gathering place for a big cattle auction marketplace on the religious holiday of Saint Iliya, that is why the monastery is also known under the name of Turzhishki (Auction place Monastery). One can reach it from the Strupets railway station, where all passenger trains have a stop and there is 1 km further walk. There is a road to the monastery as well.

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