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Landmarks of Oryahovo

The Town Museum of History in the centre (Levski Str.). The park of Bulgarian-Romanian Friendship is located in the eastern part of the town, above the Danube River. It was founded in 1959-1960 and there is the famous Statue of Liberty made by the sculptor Arnoldo Tsoki in 1882 in memoriam of the Romanian soldiers who died for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

The Loven Dom Park is the highest point in the centre of Oryahovo, from where there is an open view to the Danube shore and the opposite Romanian settlement Becket. Diko Iliev House-Museum (9th November Str., in the eastern part of the town, tel.: 09171 2467), displays the environment in which one of the greatest musicians, conductors and composers, lived (1895-1985). He composed lots of popular Bulgarian hora (horo - folk dance) and marches for a brass orchestra. Emblematic are the Dounavsko Horo, Severnyashko Horo, Pravo Horo, etc. In the St. Georgi Church dating back to 1837 church plate from 17th century and old print church books brought from Russia are preserved. It is situated in the centre near the bus station.

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