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Surrounding areas of Oryahovo

The remains of Kamuka Fortress are around 1.5 km west of Oryahovo (the local people call it Kaleto). The fortress, built in 12th century is a part of the defence system along the north border of the Bulgarian State. It had an irregular form and small size. It was forever demolished in 16th century. The 9-metre corner guard turret that was a 2-storied one is comparatively well-preserved. The building is typical Old Bulgarian and is very stable - crushed stones, white mortar and timber beams levelling the brickwork. The name Kamuka comes from its solidity (kamuk  stone). An asphalt road leads here. It would take 30 minutes walk from the centre of the town.

5 km east of the town (along the road to Nikopol) there is the Esperanto Island covered with thick foliage. On the shore opposite it is the resort zone of the town - a place for rest with a beach, park and a restaurant. The area is called Esperanto because here in 1937 the Esperanto World Congress took place. There is a regular bus transport from the town.

22 km southeast is the village of Ostrov (on the bank of Danube). South of the village starts the Ostrovski Val (dyke) from the period of the Asparouch State. It presents a deep terraced defence system spreading to the west. Its length is 64 km and it ends between the villages Gabare and Tlachene.

The Danube River in the area of Oryahovo offers wonderful opportunities for rest, sun bathing, sports, water tourism, fishing and many other activities. The river here is especially beautiful because of the high and steep Bulgarian shore.

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