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Surrounding areas of Vidin

The Danube, a large European river (a border between Bulgaria and Romania) runs past the town, which is situated on its right bank. It offers wonderful opportunities for rest, sports, fishing, water tourism and many other activities. There is a big water tourist base in the northern suburbs of the town. Excursions along the river can be done with small entertainment ships, hired at the river station. The Danube is an exceptional natural wealth, which shall be used by the future generations of the ancient town.

Ratsiaria is the name of the ancient Roman town near the village of Archar, 27 km to the southeast of Vidin near the Danube River. Its remains are 2 km to the west of the village. During the reign of Emperor Aurelian the town became a capital of the province Dakia Ripenzis and took the name Ulpia Ratsiaria. It was a rich and crowded town. The masterpieces of its goldsmiths made it famous in the whole empire. In 447 the Huns devastated the town, but it rose again to be ruined in 586, this time forever. There is a regular bus transport from Vidin, as well as from Lom.

The Bozhouritsa Park is situated between the rivers Milchina and Vidbol, 18 km to the southwest of the town. There is a dam lake with opportunities for water sports, fishing, sun bathing and other activities. There is a chalet in the park with the same name, which has 24 beds in 2-bed, 3-bed and 5-bed rooms and ten beds in 2-bed bungalows. Telephone 266 through the post office in the village of Sinagovtsi or through Bononia Tourist Association.

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