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Transport to Vidin

Transport. Two kinds of transport connect the town to the rest of the world - road and railway. There is regular bus transport to Sofia, Montana, Lom, Vratsa, Belogradchik and many other smaller settlements in the region. Telephone of the bus station - 094 23179. The railway station (tel.: 094 23184) is the final one on the railway line Mezdra - Vratsa - Vidin (Lom) and through the railway station Mezdra  it is connected with the railway systen of the country. There is also a new river station (since 1992 there are is regular passengers transport from Bulgaria) and in the northern part of the town operates a ferry port (tel.: 094 24979), through which an extremely important ferry connection with Kalafat (Romania) is established. It serves a considerable part of the tourists stream to and from Bulgaria. There is a town bus transport in Vidin as well.

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