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Surrounding areas of Yablanitsa

The Glozhenski Monastery St. Georgi the Victor  (approximately 10 km south-west of Yablanitsa). There is no such other monastery in Bulgaria, nestled on the top of a rocky edge, which looks like a Medieval Castle. It is situated in the Massif of Lisets, immediately to the south high above the village of Glozhene. It was erected in 13th century by the Kiev Prince Glozh, after his escape from South Russia. The prince enjoyed the hospitality of the Assen Brothers and as a gesture of gratitude he built a monastery above the place where he lived, the present village of Glozhene, naming the monastery St. George the Victorious Kievski. Out of the numerous manuscripts, drafted there only two were preserved -The Tale dedicated to the foundation of the monastery and the �ostle dating back to 1689. Vassil Levski was heartily accepted in this monastery as well  his hiding place is kept for the generations nowadays. The devastating earthquake in 1913 seriously damaged the building (destroying completely the old church with precious woodcarvings). Extremely valuable is the ancient icon of St. Georgi the Victor, brought by Prince Glozh from the Kiev-Pechorsk Monastery. It was silver laid in 1826 by the Gabrovo native Ivan Popovich.

The monastery can be reached by car if passing through the village of Malak Izvor (about 10 km away), by bus to the same village and then another hour walk or by bus to the village of Glozhene (12 km) and then having an hour and a half steep hiking.

The Saeva Dupka Cave (14 km north of Yablanitsa and 3 km south of the village of Brestnitsa) is electrified and has numerous very interesting formations in several naturally shaped halls. The entrance fee is just a symbolic one. There is no regular transport, though there is a good asphalt road up to the cave.  One can use the regular bus lines to the village of Brestnitsa.

Bezdunniyat Pchelin Precipice Cave (The Bottomless Bee-garden) (5 km north-east of the town)- 105 metres deep and having a hole opening of 25-40 metres. 9 km to the north of Yablanitsa is situated the village of Zlatna Panega, close to which is the famous karst spring Glava Panega, the second large in Bulgaria, after the Devnya karst springs. There are also two small lakes, one above the other, out of which runs the river Panega. The flow is 2000 l/sec and the temperature is constant - 10-12� due to which the lakes never freeze. There are proofs that the waters come through an underground passage from the river Vit.  In the village of Batultsi (13 km north-west of the town) there is a House-Museum of Vassil Levski, working hours: 8.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

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