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Sofias motto is

Ever Growing, Never Ageing!

The capital of the Republic of Bulgaria is the city of Sofia (1 096 389 inhabitants, 550 metres above sea level). The city lies in the Sofia Plain, enclosed by the Balkan Mountains to the north, the Lozen Mountain to the southeast, Mountain Vitosha to the south, the Lyulin Mountain to the southwest. The the plain is open to the northwest in the direction of Yugoslavia, and to the southeast to the Thracian Lowland. Sofia is situated 55 km from the Yugoslav border at Kalotina checkpoint, 113 km from the Gyueshevo checkpoint with Macedonia, 183 km from the Greek border at Koulata, 315 km from the Turkish border at Kapitan Andreevo, 211 km from the Romanian border at Vidin, 324 km at Rousse, 392 km from our maritime border at the port of Bourgas, and 470 km from the port of Varna. In close proximity to the capital city lie Pancherevo Lake and Iskar Dam. The Iskar River flows by the city, and several smaller rivers cross the city, the most popular of these being the Vladaya and the Perlovo Rivers.

Sofia is linked by international routes with the capitals of Europe, and via Istanbul and Ankara, with the Middle East. Below is a list of the distance in kilometres to some of these cities:

Amsterdam     2242

Ankara     1010

Athens      863

Barcelona     2541

Belgrade      390

Berlin     1745

Bern     1773

Bonn     1973

Brussels     2196

Budapest      779

Bucharest      383

Warsaw     1691

Vienna     1044

Gdansk     2053

Gibraltar     3792

Dublin     2948

Istanbul      568

Kiev     1519

Copenhagen     2135

Lisbon     3826

London     2512

Madrid     3166

Marseilles     1908

Milan     1371

Moscow     2371

Munich     1483

Oslo     2715

Paris     2307

St. Petersburg     3079

Prague     1352

Rome      1632

Rostov on the Don     1831

Stockholm     2754

Tirana     579

Hamburg     2303

Helsinki     2

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