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Transport to Sofia

Sofia is the largest transport junction of the country. The destinations of transport segments are numerous, and the routes and stopovers - most varied. The maps, which provide a general idea of the road network and railway transport, show the main overland communication lines between Sofia and the rest of the inhabited places in the country.

In general, Bulgarias transport network divides into southern and northern routes. Thus the bus stations and the railway stations are oriented in these directions.

Here we offer the names and phone numbers for information and booking of tickets at Sofias major stations, according to the type of transport:

        Sofia Airport     937 22 12

    937 22 11

        Central Railway Station     931 11 11

    843 33 33

        Central Railway Station 987 95 35

    International tickets

        Rila Bureau    65 71 86

    International tickets

(Other railway stations in Sofia are: Sofia-Sever (North), Zaharna Fabrika, Podouene and Gara Iskar).

Bus Station Sever (North) 38 31 91    

Bus Station Yug (South)     72 00 63

Bus Station Zapad (West)     955 53 62

Bus Station Iztok (East)     45 30 14


International Bus Station     952 50 04

MAT PU     953 2481

In addition to these stations, well familiar to all residents of Sofia, there are dozens of private carriers starting from various places in the capital. Notably numerous are the private buses to the Balkan countries and close destinations. Information on them can be obtained at the central bus stations, especially when one is searching for alternative transport or is willing to change the date and time of the trip. Certain international destinations will be charged in hard currency.

Authentically signed and duly filled-in tickets should be demanded at the counters.

City transport in Sofia offers wide opportunities and it is difficult to describe it without a city plan.

Every tourist should buy a detailed city map-plan of Sofia showing not only the lines but also the stops of the city transport.

As of 1998 Sofia has one subway line; dozens of bus lines connect the capital with near-by settlements, as well as covering shorter distances in the city itself; trolley buses travel in many directions; trams cut across the entire city. Fixed-route taxi minibuses serve the more outlying quarters. Rent-a-car companies offer their services as well. A ticket for the city transport costs 0.40 Leva, for the fixed-route taxi 1 Lev.

The most popular taxi cab companies have radio taxis; their phones are: 973-21-21; 12-80; 63-99-99; 12-89; 12-63; 920-20-10; 9-733-733; 920-21-14.

A Transport Services Centre operates at the National Palace of Culture building, underground floor, (level 2), phones:

Buses    65 94 07

Domestic trains    843 42 80

International trains    843 42 93

Sleeping cars    843 42 94

Train and air tickets can be purchased from the Rila International Railways Bureau, 5, Gourko Str. and at the International Railway Bureau at the Central Railway Station.

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