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History of Elhovo

A Thracian settlement called Orouditsa existed at the place of the present town. The Roman conquered it, fortified it and gave it the name of Orouditsa ad Bougoum. Later the Byzantine called it Malso Kastra (fortified settlement) until the arrival of the Slavs who gave it the melodious name of Yanitsa which consequently changed into Enina.

In the years of Ottoman Rule the town was an agricultural, crafts, and administrative centre. In 17th century it had a market street with more than 40 workshops. However, the town became depopulated after several epidemics, the devastating kurdzhalii (Turkish brigands) raids, and the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation (1877-1878). A great part of the population moved to Dobroudzha, Bessarabia and Russia. At the time of the Liberation one could count 100 houses and 900 inhabitants. In 1934 the town was renamed to Elhovo.

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