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Accommodation in Karnobat

Karnobat Hotel (in the town centre, near the Sofia-Bourgas road, 5, Asparouh Str.) offers about 100 beds.  The Orlovets Motel (7 km eastward) offers 30 beds and a restaurant. The Orlovets Chalet (two buildings, 5 bungalows, 10 km east of Karnobat, and 3 km away from the village of Sokolovo, if one cuts through the town the distance is 7 km) offers 28 beds in 2 suites and two-, three- and five-bed rooms, a restaurant and a coffee-bar. There are interesting places offering traditional cuisine like the Starata Kashta Tavern (The Old House) (21, Aleksi Denev Str.), etc.

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