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Surrounding areas of Karnobat

The medieval fortress of Markela is situated 7.5 km south-west of the town. The archaeological excavations started in 1986 and so far there have been recovered a medieval basilica of 6th century, an Old Bulgarian church of 10th century, a Byzantine church of 11th century. The fortress has most imposing ancient Bulgarian earth fortifications called valove (ramparts). The town of Soungourlare is 25 km north-west of Karnobat. It is well-known in Bulgaria and abroad for its marvellous wines. The most famous brand called Soungourlarski misket is made from the grapes grown in the adjacent vine-growing villages and towns - Grozden, Slavyantsi, Choubra, Lozitsa and Chernitsa. There is a regular bus line to Karnobat.

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