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Surrounding areas of Malko Turnovo

Several kilometres north of the village of Stoilovo (the village is some 10 km away from the town) near one of the curves of the Veleka River, is Petrova Niva - a sacred place for every Bulgarian; it is also known as Strandzha Oborishte. This is the place where the delegates of the Odrin Revolutionary District with leaders Georgi Kondolov, Mihail Gerdzhikov, Penyo Shivarov, etc. gathered and from 28th to 30th June, 1903 worked out the plan for the uprising. It broke on the Christian holiday of Preobrazhenie (Transfiguration) (19th August in the old calendar); so people know it as the Preobrazhenie Uprising. At Petrova Niva there is a big monument-channel house of Georgi Kondolov and a museum collection. Each year on 19th August national celebrations are held in memory of all that participated in the Preobrazhenie Uprising. There is a regular bus line to the village of Stoilovo only.

Dolmenite - pre-historic tombs near the village of Gramatikovo, which is situated 25 km north-east of the town. There is a regular bus transport.

Mt. Gradishteto (710 m) - the highest peak in Strandzha Mountain, which is on the territory of Bulgaria. It is situated on the very border with Turkey. There are remains of a Thracian fortress and a settlement.

Some twenty kilometres north of Malko Turnovo runs one of the most picturesque Bulgarian rivers - Veleka, a wonderful place for having a rest, fishing and practising water tourism with canoes. The Kachoula Resort is near the village of Gramatikovo.  The village of Bulgari known for nestinari dances - dancers step on embers barefooted, is 41 km north-east on the way to Tsarevo.

In this part of Bulgaria one can find the Strandzha periwinkle - evergreen endemic bush included in the Bulgarian Red Book of Floral Species under Protection.

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