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Landmarks in Sliven

The Town Museum of History (18, Tsar Osvoboditel Str., tel.: 044 22494); The Museum of Revival Arts (13, Tsar Osvoboditel Str., tel.: 044 22083) - a permanent exposition of works of Revival Period painters as Dimitur Dobrevich, D. Danchov, N. Pavlovich, as well as painters from the first decades after Liberation - Ivan Murkvichka, Anton Mitov, Ivan Angelov, Yordan Kyuvliev, etc. Hadgi Dimitur House-Museum (Assenova Str.) is situated in the south-western part of the town (the former Kloutsohor Quarter) and comprises a complex of several buildings restored in different periods - the native home with its interior, the inn and some of the farm houses. The 19th Century Sliven Lifestyle House-Museum (5, Simeon Tabakov Str., tel.: 044 23149) is located in a building of 1813 having a very interesting architecture. Dimitur Dobrevich Art Gallery and Exposition (10, Mirkovich Str., tel.: 044 22796, 23395, 26643) in Mirkovichs house. Dobri Chintoulov House-Museum (5, Vuzrozhdenska Str., tel.: 044 22494, 25198). Modern Bulgarian art is displayed in the permanent exposition of the painter Sirak Skitnik (2, Tsar Simeon Str., tel.: 044 25342). The monument of Hadzhi Dimitur was built in 1935 in the centre of the town. The figure of the legendary leader stands on a rectangular column. At the foot of the monument, in special niches one can see the busts of outstanding people from Sliven from the period of Revival. The Stariyat bryast (The old elm-tree) (600 years old) can be seen in the centre of Sliven. One can also visit about ten Christian temples.

There are two theatre halls in the town Stefan Kirov Theatre of Drama in the town centre, and a State Muppet Theatre (10, Tsar Osvoboditel Str., tel.: 044 25186, 22718).

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