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Surrounding areas of Sliven

The area of Karandila situated north-east of the town, among the century old forests of the Sliven Balkan Mountain. Here one can visit the Sinite Kamuni Natural Park (with extremely interesting rock formations like Halkata - the Ring, etc.), the Karandila Tourist House (950 m above sea level, offering 180 beds, restaurant, coffee-bar, bar, etc., there is a 32-km long asphalt road to the town), the Karandila Chalet (970 m above sea level, 24 beds, 500 m away from the Tourist House). The area offers excellent opportunities for rest, sports and tourism; there is a ski-run with two ski-taglines, a football playground of Olympic size, a lake with boats, classified rock sites for mountaineering and sports climbing. This is the point of departure for a number of marked tourist tracks round the Sliven Balkan Mountain (See the Stara Planina Mountain related chapter herein). There is no regular transport with the exception of the above-mentioned open-seat lift.

The Mineral Baths of Sliven (also called Dzhinkovski) - situated 12 km south-west of Sliven at the village of Zlati Voivoda (former Dzhinovo), near the road to Nova Zagora. A whole balneological resort has sprung up near the mineral springs (44-45C and output rate of 16 litres per second). People use the water to cure diseases of the spine and bone-system, the peripheral nerve system, stomach, intestines, liver and gall-bladder, etc. Apart from the sanatorium and the other medical establishments, there are two hotels, The Central Hotel and Zhiva Voda (Water bringing back to life) Hotel. There are regular bus lines to Sliven and Nova Zagora.

Aglikina Polyana (the Meadow of Aglika) - 38 km north-west of Sliven, in the Elena Balkan Mountain, situated immediately next to the Vratnik Pass. A historical area that entered the Bulgarian national history as the most popular gathering place of the haidouts (armed revolutionaries). It is a large meadow (80 m wide, and 200 m long) surrounded by venerable oak-trees and beach trees. A memorable inscription was carved in a big natural stone slab. It is a point on the route from Mt. Kom to the cape of Emine along the ridge of the Balkan Mountains. There is no regular transport. An asphalt path leads from the marking booth at the Vratnik Pass to the meadow itself.

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