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Transport to Sliven

Bus and railway transport. There are regular bus lines to Yambol, Nova Zagora, Karnobat, Aitos, Bourgas, Elena, Veliko Turnovo and many other smaller villages and towns in the district. The bus station (2, Hadzhi Dimitur Str., tel.: 044 26629, 24793, 25120) and the railway station (Dame Grouev Quarter, tel.: 044 83656, 82292) are situated in the southern part of the town not far from each other. The town is a major railway station on the main railway line Sofia Karlovo - Bourgas. There is well-arranged bus and trolley transport in Sliven.

Near the road to Kotel and Karandila, in the north-eastern end of Sliven is the initial open-seat lift station (tel.: 044 83834) in the direction to the area of Karandila. The lift brings all volunteers to roam Sliven Balkan Mountain up to more than 600 m variation in altitude for about 20 min. There is a town bus line from the town centre to the initial lift station.

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