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Surrounding areas of Svilengrad

There are numerous Thracian mounds 7 km south-west, in the lands of the village of Mezek. The Maltepe Mound (treasure mound) is a Mikena type (4th century BC) and it is situated 1 km south-west of the village. It recovered a Thracian domed tomb Mezekska a la beehive Tomb of remarkable architecture as well as other archaeological finds. Just above the village are the remains of the Mezek Neutzikon Fortress (11-12th centuries) having the shape of an irregular polygon. It is one of the best preserved fortresses in the country. There is a regular bus line to the village of Mezek.

Some 30 km north-east, near the villages of Matochina and Mihalich is the famous tower (12th -13th centuries) and the rock churches (10th century). There is a regular bus line available. The border Kapitan Andreevo Checkpoint (on Bulgarian territory,  tel.: 0379 7448, 7346) and Kapukoule (on Turkish territory) are situated 14 km south-east on the international road to Istanbul. There is a regular bus line.

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