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Accommodation and catering in Bansko

As one of the biggest resorts of Bulgaria, practically Bansko offers unlimited opportunities in this respect satisfying visitors of different financial status. The tourists have at their disposal more than 40 private (predominantly family-type) hotels and more than 100 restaurants and bars. Here is a small part of them: the biggest and most luxurious hotel in the town is the 4-star Bansko Hotel (17 Glazne Str.); the Izvori Hotel (3-star), 5 km away from the town in Pirin among a beautiful coniferous wood in the area called Chalin Valog; the Strazhite Hotel Complex (2-star), one of the biggest in Bansko (Glazne Str.); the Pirin Hotel (2-star), the oldest in the town (68, Tsar Simeon Str., in the centre). The following are 2-star hotels: the Albert Hotel located in a silent street in the central part of the town; the Aneli Hotel; the Hadzhirouskovi Kashti Hotel with a big tavern; the Boyanova Kashta Hotel, the Bunderitsa Hotel (5, Bunderitsa Str.); the Dzhangal Hotel (24, Gotse Delchev Str.); the Tipik Hotel (15, Todor Aleksandrov Str.) and many others. All of them have preserved the towns typical style helping the visitor to enjoy the atmosphere of ages gone long ago. Almost every hotel offers original Bulgarian cuisine typical of the region but there are restaurants, which are worth visiting. These include the Todeva Kushta Wine Bar (7, Neofit Rilski Str.); the Dedo Pene Pub in the Pampoulovs House (1, Aleksandar Bouynov Str.); the Lovna Sreshta Tavern in the Molerovs House (29, Pirin Str.); the Poptodorovs Tavern (1, Dimitar Talev Str.); the Sharkovs House Tavern (26, 5th October Str.,); the Alex Pizza Restaurant (14, Ohrid Str.); the Beli Noshti Restaurant in the Vakanovs House (1, Yane Sandanski Str.); the Motikata Restaurant in the western part of the town at the exit to the Mt. Vihren and Vihren, etc.

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