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Surrounding areas of Blagoevgrad

At 3.5 km to the north-east, in the valley of Blagoevgradska Bistritsa River is located the Bachinovo Park, where, annually, in June, a town festival is held. In the same valley, 30 km away from the town, in Northwestern Rila the Bodrost Resort is situated, with many recreation houses, bungalows, and villas. At 5 km distance from the resort is the oldest reserve park for coniferous species of trees in Bulgaria - Parangalitsa. There is the highest tree in our country - a 60-metre spruce. From Bodrost Resort, marked trails set out to various destinations in Rila - Macedonia Chalet (3-4 hours), Chakalitsa Chalet (2-3 hours), Tsarev Vruh (2 hours). In the summer a regular bus line is maintained between the town and the resort. Town bus line No. 4 can be taken opposite the railway station to the village of Hursovo, from where on foot, along a marked trail the Chakalitsa Chalet can be reached for about 5-6 nours. 16 km north of Blagoevgrad and several km before the town of Rila is situated the village of Stob with the famous nearby pyramids of Stob - exceptionally beautiful and elegant earthen pyramids, finished with rounded rocky blocks. They are moulded in up to 40 metres thick reddish drifts. They are called in different ways- Samodivski Komini (Nymphs Chimneys), Kouklite (the Dolls), Zuberite (the Pinnacles), Choukite (Rocky Peaks), Bratyata (The Brothers), Svatovete (In-laws), etc. Several regular bus lines pass through the village of Stob on their way to the town of Rila and the Rila Monastery.

Other interesting sights around Blagoevgrad: The antique fortress by the village of  Klissoura; an ancient settlement, a necropolis and a late antique fortress - close to the Bodrost Resort; another late antique fortress - at about several kilometres from the village Selishte. There are remains of antique fortresses near the village of Gabrovo. There is a medieval fortress between the town and the village of Tserovo. The Ascension of Christ Church near the village of Pokrovnik, the St. Archangel Mihail Church and remains from a late antique fortress near the village of Leshko, the St. Ivan the Precursor Church and St. Georgi Church (built in 1861, presently a monument of culture) in the village of Bistritsa. The rock Markov Kamuk to the south of Tsarev peak. Chernata Skala (The Black rock) - over the right bank of Blagoevgradska Bistritsa River nearby Macedonia chalet.

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