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History of Gotse Delchev

The first information about this settlement dates back to 9th-10th centuries and in 15th century the name of Nevrokoub was mentioned. In 1625 it was registered as a town. During the Ottoman rule the town developed as a crafts centre. It was famous for the production of small and large cow and sheep bells - the renowned chanove for the herds in Pirin and the Rhodopes (the tradition is been preserved only here). The crafts of skin processing and saddlery also developed. Annual trade fairs were held in the town during the second half of 14th century. In the Revival Period the inhabitants of the town showed acute national consciousness. They erected churches, a monastery school, a secular school, separate schools for young boys and young girls respectively, a communal cultural centre. As stipulated in the Berlin Treaty the town remained in the territory of Turkey and was liberated in the Balkan War (October 1912). The town gave shelter to many refugees from the Serr and Drama areas.

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