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Surrounding areas of Gotse Delchev

In honour to his victory over the Dacian tribe Emperor Trayan (98-117) built the ancient Roman town called Nikopolis ad Nestum whose remains are to be found 7 km east of Gotse Delchev, in the Zagrade Quarter of the village of Gurmen, on the left bank of the Mesta River. The fortification walls have the shape of an irregular quadrangle. Its imposing remains are an evidence of its past grandeur. It used to be an important crossing point of the roads connecting the ancient towns by the Aegean Sea with the valley of the Hebros River (Maritsa River).

Twenty-five kilometres north-east of the town, in the Dubrash Massif of the Rhodopes, high on the left bank of the Kanina River is the village of Kovachevitsa - a unique architecture and historical reserve. Time seems to have stopped forever. The Rhodope houses resembling fortresses are magnificent. The nature is magical, the atmosphere of the narrow cobble stone streets between high stone walls, the hospitality of local people are inforgettable. A number of famous people have bought houses here and spend a great part of their time in this fairy place. Kovechevitsa is a paradise not only for artists but also for anyone of poetical soul. The village is the native place of the poet Lyudmil Stoyanov. There is a regular bus line to Gotse Delchev. Some of the old houses have been turned into hotels offering specialities of the original Rhodope cuisine - these are the the Bayatevs House, the Daskalovs, the Zhechevs House, the Kapsuzovs House, the Milchevs and the Spasovs House.

Sixteen kilometres west of the Popovi Livadi Saddle between Middle and South Pirin is the holiday resort of the same name (about 1400 metres above sea level). There is no regular transport. It takes 4.30-5 hours to walk there along a marked track. The vast green fields surrounded by thick and impenetrable spruce forests create wonderful conditions for escape from the tension of the big town. There are accommodation opportunities as well the Popovi Livadi Chalet offering 70 beds in different rooms. The Papazov Villa, the Orbel Ltd. Rest House, the Pirinplast Ltd. Rest House, the Orelyak Rest House, the Bulgartabac Hotel.

One could go on hiking trails to Mt. Orelyak (2099 m above sea level, the highest peak of Middle Pirin, 2 hours), the Malina Chalet (5-6 hours), the Pirin Chalet (7 hours), and along an unmarked track to the highest peak of South Pirin called Mt. Sveshtnik (1975 m above sea level, 2 hours).

The following sights are of great interest as well: the ancient and medieval fortresses in the Gradishteto Area, the waterfall at the Toufcha River, the Draganov Rocks, the Momina Koula (Maidens Tower) Fortress, the Soudin Grad Fortress dating back to late ancient times and the Middle Ages, the Holy Virgin Monastery, the St. Martyr Georgi Monastery, the meanders of the Mutenitsa River, the Mousomish mineral springs in the area of Toplika, the Pavlovs Saddle, the Manouilova Doupka Cave (Manouilovs Hole), the precipice cave called Propaduka, the Steneto rock formations in the gorge of Kochanska River, the rock formation called the Koziyat Kamuk (Goats Stone), the rock formation called Koupena in the area of Trebichki Dol, the Pirostiyata rock formation, the Black Rock.

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