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Surrounding areas of Panagyurishte

At 10 km to the north-west is located the historical place Oborishte, on the small River Panova, amidst an old beech forest. Here, on 14th April 1876 convened the revolutionary committees of IV Revolutionary District (the First Great National Assembly in the history of Bulgaria), which took the decision for the declaring of the April Uprising. A modest commemorating monument was erected in 1926. 800 metres to the south of it there is a chalet with the same name with 24 beds (booking is made at Bounai Tourist Association in Panagyurishte). An asphalt road reaches it or walking takes 2.30 hours along a special trail. The chalet can be also reached by bus to the nearest village of Oborishte and from there 6 more kilometres by car or on foot. Panagyurski Koloni Recreation Campus is situated at the highest point along the road between Panagyurishte (15 km) and Zlatitsa at 1050 m above the sea level and all busses stop there. There are many recreation houses, villas, childrens camps, as well as the Raina Knyaginya Chalet (Bounai Tourist Association in Panagyurishte). The village of Banya is located 11 km to the south-west of the town on both banks of the River Mechka. Twenty Thracian tombs were discovered round the village. Numerous are the ruins of ancient buildings and fortresses, the most famous of which is Kaleto Fortress (Gradishteto), erected in 11th-14th century.  The St. Nikolai Church, dating back to 1856, is also interesting. The village is the birthplace of the famous priest Gruyo Banski - a colourful personality from the time of the April Uprising. There is a monument dedicated to him. The village of Banya is famous for its mineral water, which can be used for curative purposes. The spa was constructed in 1936. The village has a regular bus connection with Panagyurishte and Pazardzhik.

Panagyurishte can be a departure point for hiking tours to Sushtinska Sredna Gora. It is most convenient to go to the Panagyurski Koloni and from there to proceed along the well-marked trails to: Bratiya Chalet (2 hours), Mt. Bratiya (1hour), Sakardzha Chalet (3 hours), Manzul Chalet(Pavel Deliradev - 2.30 hours) and also to Oborishte (4 hours). It is possible to walk through the mountain to the town of Koprivshtitsa (5-6 hours) - an easy and pleasant one day track with a respite at Manzul Chalet (Pavel Deliradev Chalet).

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