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Surrounding areas of Pernik

Pernik is a point of departure for tours in the surrounding mountains. Roudartsi Resort Village is 13 km to the east (in the western foothills of Vitosha Mountain) and is known for its mineral springs (28.9oC). There is a hotel, rest homes, catering establishments, 3 open-air swimming pools and it is a wonderful place for recreation during the summer. 3 km above Roudartsi in the mountain is the village of Kladnitsa (both villages are connected to the town by regular bus lines) which is a departure point to Selimitsa Chalet and hiking tours round Vitosha (refer to the Vitosha Mountain related chapter herein). Nearby the village is the famous Kladnitsa Monastery. There are three chalets and Ostritsa Biosphere Reserve in the lower mountain of Golo Burdo. Pernik is a strating point to these sights. One can reach Slavei (Nightingale) Chalet for 1 hour along a 4 km road (tourist marking available). Further in the mountain one can visit Kralev Dol Chalet (1.30-2 hours), Ostritsa Reserve (45 min) and Orlite (The Eagles) Chalet (1.30 hours). 10 km northwards is located the biggest village in Pernik region Divotino, which can be used as a point of departure to the other low mountain Lyulin. One can visit the Divotino Monastery, climb the edge of the mountain and then downwards to Bankya Resort Town or undertake a hiling tour to the only chalet Bonsovi Polyani. 49 km north-west from Pernik, immediately to the boarder with Serbia is the town of Trun, known for its best master builders in Bulgaria. The imposing gorge of Erma River is 5 km to the south. The river springs in Serbia, flows in Bulgaria and again in Serbia pours into Nishava River. The high vertical rocks overgrown with lilac raise up to 150 m. A phantastic place! It was namely when he saw this beauty of nature that the famous Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov exclaimed, What so about Switzerland! The Rui Hotel-Restaurant is nestled in the gorge. 4 km in the direction of the town (1 km from Trun) is Erma Chalet. The well-known St. Archangel Mihail Monastery is 30 min away from the chalet. In Trun one can find accommodation in the Virad Erma Hotel (22, Vassil Stoyanov Str.). Regular bus line links Pernik to Trun.

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