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About Pirdop and Zlatitsa

The two small towns of Pirdop (8548 inhabitants) and Zlatitsa (5648 inhabitants) of the sub-Balkan Range are located in the Zlatitsa-Pirdop Valley, between Stara Planina Mounatin (to the north) and Sredna Gora Mountain (to the south) at 680 m above sea level. The distance of 3-4 km between them is symbolic and not before long they will be integrated into one. Moreover, this area accommodates the Copper Works as well - the largest industrial enterprise in the region, providing work to the greater part of the local population. The two towns are situated 77 km east of Sofia, 27 km south of Etropole, 32 km north of Panagyurishte and 32 km north-west of Koprivshtitsa.

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