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Surrounding areas of Pirdop and Zlatitsa

The ruins from the time of Ustinian I are situated 6 km to the north-east of Pirdop. Near them, there are remains of an ancient settlement, most probably it was the ancient Thracian town Bourdapa. Quite close to the modern town Pirdop there are remnants of the Neolithic era and in its vicinity - many Thracian mounds.

9 km south of Zlatitsa is located the Old Kemer - a bridge, spanning over the River Topolnitsa from Roman time. The Spassovo Kladenche Church Complex is 500 metres away from Zlatitsa. The Kambana Park-Monument is located in the village of Petrich, in the region of Zlatitsa. Huddled between two mountains, Pirdop and Zlatitsa are points of departure for hiking tours round them.

The Kashana Chalet is located in the Zlatitsa Pass (Kashana) in the Stara Planina Mountain, 15 km from Zlatitsa. Also from Zlatitsa, within a 3-hour walk along a marked trail (there is a 12 km long tarmac road) one can reach the Svishti Plaz Chalet. For bookings call tel.: 0728 2207. There is another chalet in the Balkan at 2-hour distance along a marked track from Pirdop  - the Paskal Chalet. The three chalets are points along the Kom Emine route. In the opposite direction, to the south, at 18 km distance, along an asphalt road in Sushtinska Sredna Gora, is located the Panagyurski Koloni Recreation Campus with the Raina Knyaginya Chalet. The regular buses connecting Zlatitsa and Panagyurishte stop there.

At about 10 km east of Pirdop is located the Dushantsi Dam - a beautiful artificial lake, a wonderful recreation place, perfect for fishing and sports.

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