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Landmarks in Razlog

The sightseeing tour of Razlog is a pleasant and interesting experience. 41 residential buildings of the Razlog-Chepino house revival architectural type have the qualities of monuments of culture. They are mostly at Macedonia Square and in Vuzrazhdane Street. Houses typical for the 1930-ies add specific outlook appearance to the main square of the town. The Parapounovs House at Macedonia Square (5 minutes from the central square, tel.: 0747 2060) functions as a Museum of History. The Kiprevs House Ethnographic Museum Complex exibits the old crafts and a wide variety of folk costumes and textiles from the region. The old St. Georgi Church from 1834 is not attractive in outlook, but the murals and the wooden panelled iconostasis, decorated with icons and partially with woodcarving have a high artistic value. The comparatively new Holy Annunciation Church from 1939 is a very imposing building whose painting still goes on.

The water mill for processing woollen cloth at River Yazo (10 minutes to the west of the centre) is attractive and is often used even now.

With the mediation of the museum quide, workshops and houses of masters craftsmen, weavers, knitters and creative artists can be visited all of them being modern followers of the traditions in artistic clay., wood and textile processing.

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