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Surrounding areas of Razlog

The central location of Razllog makes it a starting point for two mountains - Rila and Pirin. To Rila one can set out along a marked trail from Predela Saddle, distanced at 12 kilometres, where all buses with destination to Blagoevgrad and Sofia have a stop. One can set out from the nearby village of Bachevo (6 km to the north) to the Macedonia Chalet and Chakalitsa Chalet, but the trails are not marked. For the opportunities round Pirin refer to the Pirin Mountain related section herein.

In the vicinity of Razlog there are interesting natural sights and archaeological remains, situated in picturesque places, that are worth visiting. On the slopes of Pirin one can find: the Iztoka protected area (6 km south-west of the town) where the mineral water springs Iztoka and Yazo sprout out, and nearby are the Spropadnaloto and Mechata Dupka Caves. The large protected area of Kroushe (7 km south-west), notorious as the only habitat of arhangeliev lazerpizium in Bulgaria, where the archaeological remains of a late antiquity and medieval settlement can be found, and close to it - the relics of the medieval Pisanata Church and Byalata Church, as well as the mineral water springs Babina Voda and Vurbovets.  In the Kalyata Area (9 km south-west) one can visit  the impressive ruins of a late antiquity fortress, the amazingly beautiful Betalovoto Area (10 km south-west) with the comfortable for accommodation and booking Hunters Home and VANG.L  Hotel-Club. On the slopes of Rila worthy of special attention are the Stolovatets Area (5 km north-west of Razlog) with the remains of Thracian sanctuary and the Katarino Area (7 km to the west) with its warm mineral water spring, the remains of the late medieval St. Katerina Church and the regularly held horse races on St. Todors day (in March).

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