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Landmarks in Samokov

The town is rich of cultural and historical monuments. The Town Museum of History keeps otems and documents, related to the most specific for the region and the town industrial branch - iron mining, which existed until 1908. The collection of typical for Samokov embroidery of folk patterns and types of textiles is interesting. The Assumption of the Holly Virgin Church is one of the most remarkable architectural and artistic monuments in our country. Built in 1790-1791, it is the collective labour of the talented masters of Samokov - builders, wood-carvers and painters. The most remarkable thing in it is the iconostasis created in 1793 and 1821 - a bright example of the woodcarving school of Samokov. The church of Belyo The Birth of the Holy Virgin Church is a monument of culture from 15-16th century with rich mural decorations. The big rinking-fountain (the drinking-fountain with the ear ring) dates before 1662. The Convent (the Metoh maidens monastery) was created in 1772. St. Nikola Church, Belyos House, Sarafs House, Otez Paisii Cultural Centre and memorial, a monument to the perished in the wars 1912-1918. Many are also the monuments dedicated to the Russians who were killed in 1877-1878, to the first printer Nikola Karastoyanov, to Konstantin Fotinov, to Chakur Voivoda (peoples defender against the Turks) and others.

As a resort, Samokov is attractive with its favourable climatic conditions, the beautiful coniferous forests around, the River Iskar and mostly with its closeness to Borovets and Malyovitsa.

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