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Surrounding areas of Samokov

The town is the gate to the highest mountain in Bulgaria and the Balkans - Rila. Mostly through the famous resorts Borovets and Malyovitsa (refer to the Rila related chapter herein) any point of the mountain can be reached along marked tourist tracks. At a distance of 13 km to the south-west, near the road to Malyovitsa the big resort village of Govedartsi is located, also an outgoing point for hikling tours round the highest mountain (refer to the Rila relatec chapter herein). At 3 km distance to the South of the village there are many recreation homes, profilactoria, administrative and private villas, as well as a tourist facility of the tourist institution Sotsialen Otdih with 100 beds (in bungalows). Among these is Mechit Chalet with one of the best ski-runs in our country, served by a ski-draw. There are several family hotels in the village, as well and many interesting catering facilities, some offering typical Bulgarian cuisine. There is an Ethnographic Museum. The famous Bulgarian writer and mountaineer Assen Hristoforov spent the greatest part of his life in Govedartsi. There is a bus connection with Samokov several times a day.

The Belchinski Bani Spa is siutated at a distance of 13 km to the west of Samokov by the River Palakaria. The temperature of the mineral water is 41.5o C and is curative mainly for diseases of the joints, bones and the locomotion system. There are recreation houises, and open-air pool. At a distance of 10 km from the village of Alino is situated the famous Alino Monastery from 16th century. 30 km to the east of Samokov is situated the resort town of Dolna Banya with mineral water temperature - 56.3oC. The recreation campus is 5 km to the south, with many recreation facilities and children camps. There is a tourist challet, called Gerginitsa (80 beds). Marked hiking tracks start from the recreation campus across Eastern Rila (refer to the Rila related chapter herein).

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