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Transport to Samokov

Samokov is connected with the only by bus transport. Between the town and the capital city Sofia there are state bus lines at every hour as well as private minibuses. Every 30 min there are buses to Borovets departing from the bus station. There are no direct bus lines to Malyovitsa, but one has to travel to the village of Govedartsi, from where local transport is called by phone at the Training Centre or at the Hotel. Travelling by private minibus from the town is also possible, but the cost is higher. The town is connected by regular buses with Doupnitsa, Sapareva Banya, Belchin Banya, Dolna Banya, Kostenets and other towns and resorts as well as with all villages in the region. The bus station is in the centre of the town (tel.: 0722 2640). There are bus lines within the town.

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