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Accommodation in Velingrad

As one of the biggest resort centres in Bulgaria, Velingrad offers comparatively good capacities to accommodate its numerous guests. Some of the sanatorium and the recreation facilities provide beds to tourists - Kamena Balneological Centre (Chepino Quarter, 4, Edelweiss Str.), Kolyu Ficheto Recreation House (3, Tsar Samuil Str.), Velina Hotel, Zdravets Hotel (Fontanite Square), Kleptouza Hotel (Chepino Quarter), Mariela Hotel (90, Suedinenie Blvd.), Sofia Hotel (1, Kisselets Str.), Olympic Hotel-Restaurant (300, Suedinenie Blvd.), Kislovodsk Tourist House (Ludzhene Quarter), Bulgaria Tourist House (Chepino Quarter), the family-type hotels Toto-Chance, Elbrous, Vitosha, Belingrad, Filipopol, Skaya, Markita, Topevi Elite Lodgings, Presslav, Camping Site 4th kilometre. Private lodgings are also available. There is a great choice of entertainment facilities as well as restaurants where local Bulgarian cuisine can be tasted.

Tourist information. Council on Tourism (4600 Velingrad, 35, Khan Asparuch Str., tel.: 0359 25659 and 02 833902), at the hotels, at Yundola Tourist Association (16, Khan Asparuch Str., tel.: 0359 28467), at the sanatorium and resort complex.

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