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The abundance of mineral waters, the modern spa, resort facilities, mild climate and wonderful natural conditions, offer recreation to over 200 000 people here every year. The valley of Chepino is famous as the sunniest part of the Rhodopes. The sunny days come up to 74% annually. Fogs are a rare phenomenon, the average January temperature is 1.8oC and in July it does not rise above 18.7oC. Summer is cool, winter is mild and autumn is warm and pleasant. In winter, there are wonderful conditions for skiing. Snow does not melt for a month and a half.

The greatest treasure of Velingrad are the mineral water springs (approximately 80 in number) with a temperature from 22o to 90oC and  an output capacity of 130-140 l/sec. The catchment area is about 800 km2. It is formed in 3 thermal zones: Chepino, Ludzhene and Kamenitsa, whereas half of the water resources come from the Chepino basin. The mineral water of Velingrad in quality and composition combine the curative qualities of the water in Hissar, Banya (Karlovo region) and of those of Narechenski Bani. They are used for treatment of the joint and bone locomotive system, the stomach and intestinal tract, the liver, skin diseases, urological diseases and others. Tens of spas, treatment centres, recreation centres, private villas and other infrastructure are built. The karst spring of Kleptouza in Chepino is a natural landmark of interest (the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria, output 570 l/sec). Near it, there is a beautiful lake and good tourist infrastructure - favourite place for rest and recreation of the local citizens and the guests of the resort as well.

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