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Accommodation in Bulgaria

Being a country of a traditionally developed tourism, Bulgaria offers a wide variety of opportunities for accommodation, at a wide range of rates, and various extra services in addition.

For the prime hotels one shall make preliminary reservation by phone, fax or e-mail. A good number of foreign agencies and Bulgarian representative offices perform this service. The price of hotel rooms depends on the category, the season, proximity to resorts or to places of cultural interest and the size of the local settlement. As a rule the most expensive hotels are of the world chains of Sheraton and Hilton. Recently across the country there have been a large number of private hotels in construction, with excellent facilities offered to tourists.

Also available in the vicinity of the towns are motels and bungalows, as well as camping sites. Prices there are relatively high for the former, and low for the latter. Particularly numerous are the spots for camping at the seaside, where prices get reduced according to the season.

An approximate idea about accommodation prices in hotels:

5-star Hotel      220 USD for a double room, 180 for a single;

4-star Hotel      140 USD for a double room, 120 for a single;

3-star Hotel      90 USD for a double room, 60 for a single;

2-star Hotel      40 USD for a double room, 20 for a single;

1-star Hotel      25 USD for a double room, 15 for a single.

Off the active tourist season these prices usually fall twice. Most hotels offer breakfast included in the price; it is possible to make arrangements for full or half board, with reducing the price of a single night accommodation.

Spending the night in private lodgings is customary during the active season at the seaside and in the countrys tourist centres. For foreign tourists the cost for a good room is about 15 US dollars  for a two-bed room with a bath and toilet. Private lodgings can be booked in the accommodation bureaus at resort centres and tourist towns.

To less choosy tourists one could recommend the tourist houses, chalets and tourist hostels. The conditions are decent. Bringing sleeping bags or light mattresses into the chalets or public bedrooms is not necessary.

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