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Customs regulations

Every tourist visiting the Republic of Bulgaria may import a limited amount of food, cigarettes and liquor for personal use. Depending on the length of his stay, the admissible number and quantity of the imported goods is indicated at every customs checkpoint.

A special customs declaration is filled should the imported amounts exceed the stipulated ones, together with an explanation for the reason of this excess. Subject to obligatory declaring are golden articles, valuables in excess of personal jewellery, photographic cameras, electronic devices and apparatus of greater value. The same objects shall be declared also upon leaving Bulgaria, whereby the tourist certifies that the objects have not been made present or sold to other persons. Presents and objects carried for Bulgarian citizens or foreigners residing in Bulgaria shall be declared as well.

Subject to a special regime of import and export are the antiquarian objects, works of art, historic and cultural treasures, rare coins of numismatic value and securities. The latter require particular permits and accompanying documents which may be obtained in the respective country by the local authorities and the Bulgarian representations upon import, and by the Bulgarian authorities upon export of the same.

Bulgarian business partners enjoy special conditions for the import and export of raw and prime materials, finished products, foreign exchange, numismatic valuables and works of art.

Subject to special control are the deficient raw materials, and protected birds, animals and plants. The import and export of works of art for participation in auctions or sales, in exhibitions, fairs or art expositions, require special documents, which shall obligatorily accompany the exhibits or the works of art. The same applies to medicines, narcotics, weapons and ammunition.

The customs offices in Bulgaria most frequently used by tourists and business partners respond to the following phone numbers:

Central Customs Office:     (02) 931 15 12

Sofia Customs Office:    (02) 931 41 91 (2,3) ;  931 51 52

Sofia Airport:    (02) 71 70 51

Plovdiv Customs Office:    (032) 22 01 30

Varna Customs Office:    (052) 22 55 32

Bourgas Customs Office:    (056) 4 23 01

Rousse Customs Office:     (082) 44 99 98

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