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Postal services

To send a letter within the country, one shall buy a postal card or an envelope, affix the necessary postal stamp of 0.25 Leva (25 stotinki) and write the address of the recipient and ones own (senders) address. This can be done at any post office. As a rule, post offices are open for letters. parcels and excise bands from Monday through Friday; telephone and cable services are open through the week round.

To send a letter abroad, one shall obligatorily have the envelope weighed and charged according to its weight in grams. For printed matter a lower tariff is applied, and excise bands may not exceed 2 kilograms.

Parcels and small packages (not exceeding 2 kg) are subject to mandatory customs control. Packaging services are available at the post offices in bigger towns, and where no such service is available, the public and tourists are expected to pack up their parcels in the post office hall after examination by the customs authority.

Registered, express and special deliveries are charged under a higher tariff. All kinds of parcels must bear senders and recipients name and address clearly written.

Telephone services in the country comprise local urban, interurban and international calls. Local urban phone services are effected by means of automatic street telephones operated with tokens or electronic cards.

The price of one token is 0.20 Leva, and one can buy them in the post offices or news-stands. The duration of a call is limited to 3 minutes.

There are three types of card public phones for local urban, interurban and international calls and cards sold by MOBIKA and BULFON. MOBIKA cards are of 50 to 400 impulses, BULFON, cards are of25 to 400 impulses. The price per impulse is lower for the cards of greater number of impulses. The public phones operated with cards display the remaining impulses. At post offices one pays after the call and calls are usually 1/3 cheaper than if made at card public phones.

Dialling a phone number abroad may be done with cards from public phones in the streets or at post offices. Every international dialling begins with 00 + the code of the respective country, the settlement and the private phone number.

The dialling code for Bulgaria is +359.

The Republic of Bulgaria is part of the international analogous and cellular phone networks. Debit impulse cards or SIM cards could be found in specilised shops. The prices from 20 Leva to 100 Leva vary depending on the number of impulses and the validity term. Internet clubs are something natural for the first 100 bigger towns in the country. There for about 1.20 Leva 2.00 Leva one can check his e-mail address, send e-mail message or open the Web page of interest. In these clubs one can also print out the messages either received there or from a personal diskette or CD.

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